These pages contain replicas of archeological items found in the tombs of the Kings and Queens of Egypt. There are statues of the Gods and Goddesses as well as decorative pieces. Some thumbnails lead to more than one item of the same subject. Click on an image below for statue descriptions and order information as well as a larger view of the statue.

**Please note that because these items are hand crafted and import duties and fees continually change, prices are subject to change without notice.  For the most current and up to date pricing, please send us an email or call, 972-840-8450.**


Large Statues


More Large Statues


Assorted Statues & Decorative Items


Treasures found in King Tut's Tomb

Statues of the Goddess IsisStatues of Osiris

Statues of the SphinxThe Goddess Hathor

The Goddess BastThe Goddess Sekhmet


The God AnubisThe God Seth

The God HorusThe God Ra Harakhte

The God ThothThe God Khnum

The God SobekThe Goddess Nehebka

Ramses IITuthmosis III