Little Egypt



S320 $149.99 on left cultured marble with gold leaf

Height 12"

S403 $399.99 on right seated. Fiberglass 35"

S404 $399.99 on right standing. Fiberglass 40"



Osiris was both god of the dead and judge of the underworld. In mythology, Osiris as a human king had experienced death, triumphed over it, and assured his devotees of a happy eternal afterlife. Murdered by his evil brother Seth, Osiris was resurrected by his famous wife, Goddess Isis, not as a human pharaoh, but as the mummiform king of the underworld. In this capacity, he was highly venerated and became the most important god in the Egyptian pantheon. It was believed that every king would become Osiris after he died, and worshippers of Osiris could themselves look forward to becoming an Osiris at death and thereby enjoy eternal life.



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