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Isis and Nephthus Panel

The sarcophagus of King Tutankhamun was found enclosed in four shrines, one inside the other. King Tut's second shrine displayed this beautiful panel of gold on it's rear exterior. It depicts the goddesses Isis and Nephthys, sisters of Osiris, standing on the signs of gold with their outspread wings in protective gesture creating air for the departed soul to breathe. Inscription of words spoken by Isis: "I have come to be thy protection, thou art my son, my beloved Horus, I have taken away the veil above thee, from him who acted against thee."

Words spoken by Nephthys: "I have come to protect thee from behind, my brother Osiris, King Lord of the Two Lands Neb-Kheperu-Re. I have established thy head on thy neck, Anubis has gathered for thee thy bones, he has restored thy linbs to health, he has removed all evil, he has caused all sorrow to depart. Thou shalt not decay!"

This replica is made of marble covered in gold leaf.

17 3/4"X12"


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