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Her name is the current trademark for the art of Egyptian belly dance. She is Cairo's reigning belly dancer and one of the most gifted Egyptian dancers known. The darling of the current dance scene in Egypt and star of the big screen, Dina has reached superstar status in various parts of the world.
Her graceful body movements and emotional facial expressions show off her love for dance. Audiences are left mesmerized by her amazing dance performances that reveal admirable talent and years of practice.
In her debut workshop and show, Dina will be demonstrating her own subtle yet dynamic techniques. Don't miss this opportunity to be a part of Dina's first American seminar. Study from a real Egyptian without traveling so far!

All-Star Friday Show Video
Some of the biggest stars of belly dance from across the US & Canada
come together for an evening of exciting performances.
*Amaya (NM)* *Fahteim (CA)* *Margo (MN)* *Raffa (UT)* *Rania (CA)* *Shakira (OH)* *Jihan Jamal (FL)* *Sahra (CA)* *Hadia (CAN)* *Shareen el Safy (CA)* *Cassandra (MN)* *Virginia (FL)* *Shadia (OK)* *Voula (CAN)*
Live band, music, singers, Egyptian style hafla followed
by a captivating performance by Dina.
Dina in Dallas, September 2003
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  • Dina in LA, May 2004
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